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Hey guys, im a 100% street rider, only hit twisty roads every few months. Anyways, I was wondering what are some mods I should be looking at, yes I've done my research but wanted to know what mods would be practical for 100% street riding, so like comfort, looks, power (if its cheap, again street bike only), and security.

Ive currently replaced the front windscreen to black and done the $10 ebay fender eliminator kit.

Ive looked into rearsets but seems those would really only be for track or people who ride pretty intensely (thoughts?).

Currently has the ebay sliders installed, is it a worthwhile investment to upgrade to the nice ones that require the fairings to be drilled?

Really want to do exhaust and switch up how it sounds looking at the Yoshi rs5

If I do the exhaust do I need to get a new tune?

Should I try the flapper mod?

Is it worth getting a steering stabilizer if only ridden on the street.

Would consider low profile mirrors and lights but dont want to sacrifice visbility / safety.

Currently has an alarm system set up, something off ebay my dad hooked up, but should I get a lojack or similar GPS style tracking device for it or nicer alarm?

I also think the bike looks sexy as **** all black how it is, but would consider getting the repsol edition fairings. Can anyone comment on this if you regret spending the money on converting it

Anyways, your thoughts and input would be appreciated. Basically, I was only able to add stuff my dad would buy (cheap and from ebay) but now I have a part time job and am looking to spend some cash on it to make it look nice, sound nice, and ride nicer.
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