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Using Oil, Down pipes rusting, Silencer paint flaking and rusting, wheel paint coming off,
Yes It Blinking Is......................................

IT`S NOT GOOD, if your cbr1000rr is using to much oil, IN FACT IT`s BAD.

BAD, BAD, BAD............................................... ...................

Honda customer service say " 800 miles per litre is ok", this isn`t true.

Now people who don`t read this may find themselves with a whole lotta trouble if they only ride 3000 miles a year you maynot find out untill it`s too late and you haven`t got a warranty, perhaps that`s honda`s plan?.

If in doubt and you use a lot of oil take your bike to an authorised honda dealer and get them to telephone honda direct and agree to run the following test:

Honda`s warranty test is to fill the bike with oil, run your bike for 500 miles and see how much oil the bike uses over the 500 miles.

Check the dealership only fills the bike to the top level mark on the dip stick, the dip stick should not be screwed in when measurements taken-

See your honda manual for details of how oil should be measured and make sure it`s adhered to, ride for 500 miles as hard as you would normally ride and then return to the dealership and view them measuring the oil that has been used.

My old engine used 480 mm over 500 miles, honda rebuilt the top end after a huge argument, low and behold after all this the problem seems to still be there.

For the technical minded, When the head was taken off the bike the xxxx marks you would expect to see in the barrell were wavy lines~~~~~

I have a repsol fireblade on an 09 plate, so brand new last march, i ride a lot, i am IAM Qualified and a Motorcycle instructor, and have put 13k miles on the clock since March 09, (mileage is regardless).

I thought the bike was using a lot of oil shortly after i took owwnership, it was reported to the local Honda Dealership on various occassions throughout 2009 who in turn contacted Honda to try to find out what was going on....................... to cut a very long story short.

The dealership was told by honda this amount of oil usage was ok, i argued with the dealership that this wasn`t ok, the dealership said it`s honda call, so there`s nothing they could do.

I telephoned Honda directly and again to cut a very long story short, i was told this was ok, when the bike used over 2.25 lites of oil over a period of 1800 miles, i again telephoned Honda Customer services.

After another heated argument with Honda Customer service i finally got to speak to Honda`s Customer service operations manager who finally accepted there was a problem after i threatened to get an independent compression and engine test done myself and then pass this information over to my lawyer.

Honda decided to rebuild the whole top end of the engine, parts alone were over £3500.00 sterling.

This was completed last October. it`s now February 2010 and i have the same problem and i am again talking to Honda`s operation manager to try to recify the problem as the bike is less than a year old and still under warranty and has big issues with losing oil for whatever reason, i`m not riding my bike and it`s living in the delearship which is 20- 30 miles from where i live each way.

I probably should mention that i have also had replaced under warranty:

3no yes three number silencers- paint has just flaked off and silencer rusted

1no Rear Wheel- orange colour just wiped off onto a cloth, same happened on a brand new model in the dealers shop as he didn`t believe me, Honda replaced two rear wheels that day.

1no Repsol hugger- snapped around the bolts due to vibration fitted by honda when the bike was new.

1no Engine Total top end rebuild.

As it stands at the moment:

Under investigation as of today by Honda warranty and their customer services operations manager are the following problems that also haven`t been solved:

1no engine oil loss, bike has used 3/4 of all the oil shown in 1300 miles and it was overfilled by the garage when returned to me, so who knows how much more oil is being used but it`s a lot and it`s a problem.

Honda`s answer: 500 mile test again.

1no clutch slamming into first gear ( has been doing this since day 1 honda says it`s ok, i think it`s very excessive) and also hitting false neutrals under hard excelleration from 3rd to 4th gear.

Honda`s answer: The bike is supposed to crunch and slam into first gear, all our bikes do it, don`t know why it`s hitting false neutrals?

1no Silencer (number 3 in total so far ) fitted in october 09 for the third time and now paint flaked and rusted to bits in only 1300 miles and it`s only feb 2010 and i`ve only had 4 runs out on it since it was new.

Honda`s answer: you are not washing the bike often enough ( Honda told by me. once a ride out not often enough, what if i kept it outside on the street and not in a garage?)

1no downpipes as they have also rusted even though the bike is cleaned after every run out and kept in a garage.

Honda`s answer: same as silencer

Don`t expect honda customer service to own up to any problem, it will normally be your fault, Honda will tell you they haven`t had this problem with any other 09 cbr 1000 rr, they have mine.

They will also hang up the phone on you if they can`t deal with your problem, phone them back and speak to thier manager if they do this.

They will also tell you these things are ok, thier not, stick to your guns, it`s taken me a real time and effort and the problem still isn`t resolved, not what i expect of Honda.

I`d think most would agree, the reason we buy honda`s is build quality, they even won a massive uk bike mag award in feb 2010 for build quality, i laugh so hard, when i read this now.

Make what you want of my experience, it`s only what i have found with one bike and i do love my cbrs and my honda`s, i may have been unlucky and i may have the only one that`s falling apart quickly.

Please bear in mind i love cbr`s and i owned a few including a 07 cbr 600 rr that never missed a beat yet alone used any oil and i completed 17K miles in two years including a 2.5k tour of scotland and the oil was only ever changed at service and never used a drop, so didn`t need topping up.
Nothing else when wrong with the cbr 600 rr except the clocks steamed up and had to be replaced twice, that`s another story in itself. (same customer service type problems with a dealership and honda customer service.)

It`s also a shame that Honda`s UK Customer service department have such a bad attitude towards thier customers, especially in this economic climate, when i contacted them, they basically gave me the run around time and time again, untill i finally spoke to the operations manager and still my problems are not satisfactorily delt with.

Needless to say Honda have lost a lot of faith with me and thier reputation at the moment with me is in tatters, i have been extremely patient but have now had enough and expect something to now be done.

I`ll keep you updated as to the outcome of honda`s dicussion.............. but it`s court action from me if issues not resolved by Honda.

Happy riding to you all in 2010.
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