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April 9th I graduate and my little brother is bringing up his wrecked 01 sp1. I plan on fixing everything, spending only $1000 and having a sweet ride.

Keep in mind i owe $500 on the bike! It will have a salvage title, but at that price, who cares?

I have been accumulating parts slowly on CL and ebay. I have been patient and found some sweet deals. Guys have parts lying around and let them go pretty cheap. I put a couple of WTB ads on CL and score! I have been scouring every nook and cranny of ebay for months.

I live in MN, how else am I going to keep my motorcycle habit alive when its neg.-20 out?

The plan is $1000 invested, sweet ride, one week. I'll put up pics...

Think of it as a bad '80's movie plot...:)
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