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Hello everyone. Im new to the community, first post.
I recently just bought an 81 cm400e ratbike to cruise around on and tinker with. I'm trying to make it more into a bobber and was wondering if anyone knows where i can get some wide white walls for the stock wheels. I believe the front is 19" and i was told that there arent any wide whites for a 19" front. I believe the back is 16".

Also, the wiring on this bike has been cut to pieces. if i get a stock replacement harness off ebay, how difficult will it be to just plug it in in place of the existing one? as it is, none of the controls work at all, the PO wired in a starter switch that starts it along with the headlight and tail light. none of the other controls work (start, kill, turn signals, hi/low beams).

Does anyone know of any good resources for customizing this bike? Is this the proper forum for this bike? If not could you kindly point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for your help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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