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Nice one Ian , has that "muscle bike" look about it:smile
Thanks Bill! lol. Yeah, it kinda does look big and mean :wink

Riding it is another story. The ride is silky smooth, but the clutch and gear changes are loud and clunky. I guess that’s how it was back in 84. And this thing is not a spring chicken, with what appear to be 46,000 HARD miles on her. Oh well, my buddy is so happy he called me last night and is picking it up today :grin

Nice job Ian! So,...what is your next project?? Maybe you should wait until winter to start another project and do some much needed riding? Just saying :grin
Right on! No “other” projects in the works at this time, but I just got 2 custom spacers delivered to put the RC 6” wheel on Red, so I have to take the Q3’s off 99 and put them on Red, while at the same time putting new Q3+’s on 99. Quick easy work for a day, so not expecting much down time on either. Should be riding more often with days off and good weather.

And I’ll be up in your neck of the woods in late July, 2 days in Niagara (Canadian side) with family. Come by, but only on the 900 :wink
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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