96 900RR - $1,750.00

27k miles, runs, but has a rattle, and I don't feel like tearing into it to see what's going on, oil was clean when I drained it to check. I bought it to use as a donor/parts bike for another project, but am selling it as is.

The good:
Licensed/registered in my name
OEM upper and lowers, Aftermarket mid-cowl and rear fairings, decent windscreen
Tank is clean, no dents, recent paint by previous owner
Complete wiring harness
Carbs recently cleaned, new fuel petcock
Valves re-shimmed to factory spec
Competition werks rear fender eliminator

The bad:
Rattle/knock in the engine
Header needs replacing, is partially rusted, was soaked in oil so it blows some nice blue smoke once it starts getting some heat into it
Needs TLC, brakes, Front/rear brake levers are broken
Fairings are temp mounted
Seats need recovering, have a couple of extras