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2 September 09

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...Was the day I wrote off my 2 week old brand new 09 Fireblade. Yep, destroyed:(

I was in the hospital with a broken Tibia and Fibia and crushed left shoulder. So pin in my left tibia and plate in shoulder. :thumb:

But enough with the moaning, just before the crash on a road myself and a friend ride everyday from and to work we stopped at a petrol station that had lots of diesel spillage around the petrol pumps. I remember slipping while on the bike with my boots and was worried. About 7 km later and a good few turns we approached the turn that we ride everyday at same speed and all i can remember was sliding and thinking "I cant believe i dropped my new bike" and nothing more really. My friend who was behind me said i went into the turn and then as i squared it off, turned in more and the back tire just went. I went underneath the barrier apparantly, and my gear i had on helped alot, or some.

So my question is how long can diesel stay on a tire? The road was in perfect condition that day, i have pics of it, but some of my friends recon it could not have been the diesel on the tire. Altough Honda wing here said they found diesel on the front tirea week later on the bike.

Below links of before state and after and where i fell all the way down the hill.


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aww sucks blade looked nice to hope you get better soon
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