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I have gone through my Michelin Pilot Sport HPX in very very few miles....great sticky tire...looks sick (tread design) but really soft rubber. The owner at my local Ducati dealership swears by these tires as the stickiest ever...well I guess if you own a Ducati dealership its easy to buy MSRP $300+ rear tires....Anyway, Im thinking about getting another to match the brand new Sport HPX I have on the front but I was considering going with a 200....? I know I can put 180's on my 190 rim...can I go a size wider with a 200? Also if I can will it really make any difference in ridability. I can be hard on the cornering when Im feeling trusting on a nice hot hot day and I know my tires sticky but Im not exactly a GP corning master or anything. So...200 would look sick...can it be done and will it make my bike harder to "flick" not that its that "flickable" anyways compared to some 600s Ive been on.
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