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I'm hoping someone has had the same problem and can help in diagnosing where i need to look next?

The problem i have is when the ambient air temperature is below about 5 degs C the bike will not start. Switching on the ignition the fuel pump kicks in and when pressing the start button spins over freely but will not fire. If i return to the bike later in the day and the temperature is about 12 degs C it fires up as it should with the choke operating as expected and the rev slowly dropping as the engine warms. Once running it starts and stops on the ignition switch and can be ridden for miles and not miss a beat. It's like it's sensing the air temperature somewhere and if below a certain figure it won't start.
Initially i thought it may have been the DataTool alarm system so i removed it along with performing some other checks such as vacuum pipes, breathers, air boxes and cleaning up various electrical connectors.
I read a thread earlier about fuel pump pressure but the symptoms don't really add up to the bike when going performs really well.
8-5-2017. I have since un-plugged the water temp sensor and the bike starts OK. I have also un-plugged the Intake Ait temp sensor and the bikes starts OK. I have changed the spark plugs for no real reason other than the bike was stripped and access was easy. I have systematically removed fuses to see if I can simulate the same "non-start" scenario but any fuse associated with the ignition stops the fuel pump running which does run when my engine fails to start. I think the next stage is to change the ECM and see what that does.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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