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Parked it after 200 mile ride. 4 days later tried to start it, cranks & primes, it's not throwing any codes. Tested all ignition components,all test good. Replaced the ecu with a known good spare and it's up & running. A couple of days later go for another 200 problems. Park it, 4/5 days later it's not firing up, test the ign. again, everything read good. Replace the ecu with another known good one & it fires up.
Is this just bad luck or ?? could anything in the elect. syst. be causing the ecu to fail. I've a Datel volt meter connected to the battery...that shows normal charging so I don't think it's cooking the ecu with too many volts.
I've put both of failed ecu in a running 929 & nether of them will start it!
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