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Hey Hey!!

A couple friends and I are escaping this Ontario winter and truckin our bikes down to texas to get some sunshine and some riding for a week at the begining of March! I bought this 2001 929RR at the end of last season and only got to put about 500 miles on it before storing it, She has approx 22000KM (14000 Miles). Everything is tip-top; I am very mechanically inclined and I went over as much as I could when I first got her..... However I am new to EFI bikes; I've always run / worked on carbed bikes (Lots of work on EFI cars though)

I've been on a number of long hauls with my other bike (1976 Ducati 900GTS) and the tool kit I had with me was excellent, ready to go for any "small problem" ... the Italians go for form over funtion everytime (beautiful bike ... but every single trip I had an electrical issue)

SO! Two things:
1) what should I test or look over before leaving?

2) What tools / extra part / things that I wont think of should I bring with me?

Thank you all!

AND We'll be in TX from March 1st to March 9th .... between Houston, Sanantonio, and Austin. so if you're down to meet up or have suggestions on anything we should do Please let me know!

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