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2001 929RR Cam Chain Tensioner

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Hey guys back for some advice. Been doing some reading because I've been hearing some Ticking noise from 0-4k rpms. Seems its the Cam Chain Tensioner? It doesn't sound terrible no slapping or knocking kind of just sounds like when u put a piece of paper into a fan lol, more annoying than anything.

I got about 10K Miles now not sure if this is a common problem that it needs to be replaced or just one of the quirks you just live with?

Runs great no mechanical problems. Just had a tune-up but my Chain/Sprockets are at the end of their usefulness.
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We have all been there... At least you got it done and did it yourself:clap:
I've done 3 now, if that counts...
Hey are there any DIY's or guides you recommend. I started taking it apart tonight and what a mother****** of a spot it is in :mad:

I was looking at some other guides and they didn't say anything about TDC or what not since i'm not removing the cam chain can I just remove the old one and install the APC?
Sup Guys....Just wanted to update you guys all done. APC's instructions and manual just about worthless in this case but I figured i'd share some thoughts and pictures it might help.

I removed the lower and middle fairings. After looking it over for 15 minutes I decided that removing the gas tank and all that was a waste. Its easiest I found to put a jack underneath the engine.

First before doing anything or removing the tensioner I found TDC by removing the cover and rotating the engine clockwise in the running direction. Lined up the T or the dotted lines next to the T with mark in the cover:

After that leave the cover off, Put that jack underneath, then remove the motor mounts in the top part of the engine and then remove the one long bolt(located behind the head of the flashlight in that area. When removing the long bolt I enlisted the help of my buddy as there is a nut on the otherside of the bike. Unless your Mr.Fantastic no way your reach over to hold a socket on the nut while you turn the other side of the bolt.

Give that a good few turns it will loosen out but it won't screw out all the way. Take a tap and then but it into the hole and then hammer the bolt out.

You can then let the engine down a bit using the jack. Thanks to a poster here for that suggestion really worked well! :clap:

Now the fun part. Man let me say what a ***** of a spot even with the motor down a bit. I used a socket with an extension with a rotating end:

Have some patience if you can't get to the top bolt take the socket off the extension, take a flat head screwdriver and pry down onto the block right underneath were the rightside motor mount is to give you a little more area to work with(Helpful if u have someone do that). You can then just with time and a little frustration get the socket into the top bolt of the tensioner lifter. :huh:

Once out just remove the tensioner:

Getting it back in the same way as you took it out i recommend patience and if u can some music in the background :rotfl: Back the tensioner bolt out about 3/4ths the way. I found if u did it all the way there was no way u were getting it in.

Back the nut and the rubber thing out to about 3/4ths the way up the tensioner bolt. Tighten the tensioner not the lock nut until it gets about hand tight, then I'd give it one more turn for good measure. Turn on the bike and start it up WHILE HOLDING THE BOLT otherwise it will back out and catastrophic things will ensue.

If you don't hear the usual click clack of the chain back out the tensioner slowly until you start to hear it. Then turn the tensioner back in until you don't hear the sound, then give it about 1/2 turn more and shut the bike off. Push the rubber thing all the way down now and then tighten up the lock nut. I recommend patience as well when doing the lock nut its pretty crowded in there, slow and steady turns.

Once your done with that, I'd start the bike back up and put you fingers on the tensioner but don't turn it. Give the bike some good revs after it warms up for a few minutes make sure its not backing out. :D

Jack the engine back up, put the mounts back in, fairings back on and your good to go. Take her for a drive.

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this might be a bit of an old post but came across it in my travels... all the instructions above are great except on good point i would like to make when you take out the factory tenstioner. Remove the top bolt first i know its a pain but if you take it out first you just have to crack it loose then spin it out with your fingers. then take the easy one out!
just put in my chain tensioner on and it was a bitch. just wondering how do you know its adjusted properly. was ticking at around 5k before and sounds like it just moved it to around 4k. do u think i need to tighten it more or loosen it up a bit.:idunno:
I have watched youtube bout it n only find one shitty video where the dude keeps putting the camera down cant hear him or see what he is doing. I don't even know if it's what is wrong with my 2001 honda cbr929rr it keeps backfiring n its sounds like it just fighting to start but won't got new spark plugs and made sure all plugs getting spark. i dont even kno how to fix the timing so if anyone can explain steps or recomend me a video id appreciate it alot
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