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Hi all,
Could someone give me some advice the following problem with the electrical system? I stored my CBR over the winter and the battery died. So I tried to jump start it with a car booster... I think that was my mistake, it didn't help at all, and I ended up getting a new battery.

Now the bike starts and rides fine. However...

The headlight doesn't light up at all.
The turn signals (front and back) don't light up.
The rear light is OK, but the brake light only lights up when i press the foot brake. Pressing the front brake doesn't light it up.

I looked at the light bulbs, the firmament looks alright.
I looked at all the fuses, they all look alright.
The battery is a brand new one.

What do you think I screw up by boosting it with a car booster?
Are there other pieces than fuses I should check?

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