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Hi Guys

So, after the mechanic stole half of our bikes parts, I eventually put everything together last week. The motor was in, but that is basically it.

It went for her first ride of about 230km the weekend, however I picked up that the oil light comes on when standing still, however it comes on irregular, so it doesnt come on and stay on, then go off when I ride again. It comes on, then flashes then goes away, then will flash maybe again and come on or go off. it doesnt stay on. I have actevo 10w40 fully synthetic oil in, and a fram filter in, that is all I could get, as the bike shop here did not have filter i need in stock.
Any Ideas? I also just still need adjust the clutch, and then there is a engin noise, which never was there, no idea what it can be there, seems to be an the bottom of the motor. was not there previously.

Motor was stripped for bearings and crank as it ran bearings almost 3 years ago
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