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2003 954 MILEAGE

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Bought my blade last year end august with 26700km(odd) on the clock.
now it has 37700km on it, is it hectic or OK?
What mileage are they good for? should I worry, I cant notice any problems.

I was hoping to get at least 60000km out of her, is that a possibility before needing major work, I drive her hard when needed but not always. let her warm up properly and respect her.

She's my BABY!!!

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Hi, do some searches onthis site - there are a few members with big mileage bikes. A Fireblade should be good for well in to 6-figure miles, 60k kms is not a lot really.
my 02 954 has over 43,000 miles on it not sure how many km's that is.
34'000miles on my 929, still got 129bhp and runs fine...had to change cam chain, tensioner, shims, and both sprockets, about a 1000miles ago, the engine is good for a lot more miles.......
Thanks guys, the thing thats nice about this forum is the nice people like yourselves.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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