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2003 954 won’t start. Help!

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Hi everyone quick question for the more knowledgeable, I have a 2003 954rr fire blade and I had the battery unplugged for about 2 months, when I hooked it back up and tried to start the bike the fuel pump would prime but when I hit the switch the bike just cranks and won’t start, the starter sounds like it has plenty of juice to get the bike to start but it just acts like it has no spark. Thanks for any help.
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Sometimes if I've left either my 954 or 929 for a long time I have to cycle the ignition a good few times then hit start. Think maybe the fuel pressure isn't enough with one prime of the fuel pump if the rail and injectors are dry or maybe the hiss doesn't pick the key up first time. I would double check all the basic connections like earths and and the killswitch etc encase they are corroded and drawing power. Have you tried again since?
Thanks for the info! I actually got it running about 30 minutes ago there is a flapper in the air box that was stuck shut restricting airflow to the throttle bodies I believe, I also found a sensor of some sort unplugged and badly split open so I wrapped it in electrical tape for the time being and it started first crank.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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