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Okay, here's what I know about the bike so far: I'm the 3rd owner and I purchased it in Jan of 2019 and it has less than 8000 miles on it. The young "uneducated squid" I rescued the bike from had it 2-3 years and he got it from the original owner who bought it new. But in 2-3 years, that kid sure did a number on it. Mostly it's just dirty as hell, thankfully not too much is broken or damaged on it, mostly lack of typical upkeep like chain/sprocket swap, tire swap (the ones on the rims are 12 years old), stuff like that.
Becuase of my work schedule, I wasn't able to start doing anything with her until Nov, when the tear down began. There's been some mods I've done along the way like the flapper in the airbox and got a different exhaust for her. She same with a bolt on D&D and I found a full Akro on ebay foro $380, couldn't pass it up. Other than that, it's been mostly a thorough cleaning as I tear her down. I'm waiting to get the suspension back so I can start putting her back together. I'll be putting new brake lines on as well, since it still had the factory rubber hoses.
Here's a few pictures of the work along the way.


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Love that black and grey colour combo. I think we don't have that in UK. Best way to detail a bike too - pull the whole thing apart and on piecing together you'll be confident that everything is done properly.

Nice poster of the VTR (or RC51 to you:)) in the background too. Have you had one? Damn brilliant bike. I had two 'ordinary' Firestorms (SuperHawks) but couldn't resist an opportunity to snaffle a 4,400 miler a couple of months back. If ever you have the chance (and money) grab one. They are a magic machine!!



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