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I've got an 03 CBR600RR that was wrecked. I bought it this way and I'm trying to get the engine running. I can't get any spark from it. I've replaced every electrical component at least once with parts from another bike but still no luck. Here's what I've done.

  • Checked cam position sensor. Found that it was broken, likely from the crash. Windings were coming out of it in the cylinder head. I replaced it from a cam position sensor I bought on ebay.
  • Bought a parts bike with a locked up engine from the parts bike I swapped out the following:
    • Crank position sensor
    • ECM
    • Cam position sensor
    • For kicks swapped out the stator even though I know this shouldn't affect ignition.
  • Tested initial voltage at the coils at 12v-13v. Drops to 10v-11v while cranking.
  • Checked all fuses.
  • All safety switches including BAS are working. Fuel relay clicks when kill switch is in the on position and key is turned on. Continuity was checked on the clutch and kickstand switches to make sure they're working properly.
  • Bought another ECM from ebay and swapped again.
I'm about out of ideas. Any help here would be appreciated.
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