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The previous owner of my 2004 RR put in 93 unleaded (european) so i guess this is 93 RON.

The 2004 1000rr manual i downloaded calls for 95 + in this bike.

Now my question is:
The bike seemed ran perfectly on 93 at least from what i could tell.

So I decided to try Shell 95 Vpower.

From cold with 95 unlraded i noticed i needed to give a little blip of throttle before the bike would start.

I also noticed smoke from the exhaust until the exhaust warmed then it stopped.

I did not have this with 93 unleaded.

Now my thinking is that perhaps 95 unleaded back in 2004 when this bike was built was different than the 95/vpower unleaded petrol that is sold today ?

Thats why the previous owner reccomended 93 ? As the bike seems to run fine on 93 no start up issues no smoke.

Should i go back to 93 unleaded?

And why is the bike smoking on startup with 95 and somewhat battling to start.
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