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Hey all.
I have tried going through the forum for answers, but nothing fits the bill, or the answers given do not match this problem I'm sad to say.
Earlier this year I purchased a 2008 CBR1000RR.
My daily commute was a Ducati Monster, and knowing about reliability issues with Italian bikes, I turned to the bulletproof Honda!
The bike was spot on for the first 1500 miles, took it on a little tour, all was good.
Then one day, I'd been to work on the bike, she was riding like a dream. I pulled off from a set of lights, real gentle acceleration (I was in a 30MPH zone and behind a double decker bus, so gives you an idea) and suddenly the bike started to almost misfire.
The rev counter would bounce from almost 0 up to 3000 revs, and she was real jerky, like she wanted to die, and then after about 10 seconds, die she did!
I got the bike off to the side of the road and for the next 30 minutes or so, she would start, but just touching the throttle would cause her to cut out.
After about an hour, she started fine and again got around 20 minutes into the ride home, same thing.
This time I got the recovery wagon back home.
Next day, started fine, just left her idling away, then, 25-30 minutes later she does the same.
I checked what I could, I'm a pretty poor mechanic, so rode her to my local workshop (about 15 minutes from home). She got there without issue, so I left her idling outside, and sure enough, about 10 minutes after pulling up, same story.

The mechanic had the bike for 3 weeks, and today gave her back unfixed. He essentially told me that he can recreate the issue as she dies after 25-40 minutes without fail, but has no idea how to fix it.
There are no error codes, no F1 light - nothing.

The kill switches were taken apart, cleaned, greased and reassembled.
Crank sensor has been replaced.
"Tilt" or angle sensor replaced. Connectors and relays checked and all seem ok.
The bike is standard, no aftermarket can, no power commander.
Fuel pump seems good, primes every single time.

I was just wondering if anyone else had come across this issue or had any words of wisdom?

Thanks for any advice

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Hi Andrew and welcome.

Although I have some current Blades, I am unable to help with your prob. I have learnt that most on this forum are super knowledgeable about the early '900' series Blades, but not so much with the later ones.

With the moderator's permission, I am sure you will find help on here, of which I am also a member:
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