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With other bikes that I have owned it is usually pretty obvious what the recommended accessories/upgrades are and who make them... but in this case I am having a hard time coming up with my options. So I am looking for a little help.

Bike: 2008 CBR1000RR, 1200 miles, Bone stock
Me: 6'1", 225-ish
Use: Street, curves, no track. If i need to go to the grocery store I'll take the VFR

In order of need:

Being a little heavier I usually get a Corbin seat (vs Sargeant) and it's made a huge difference on my R6, VFR and RC51. There does not seem to be too many options, although I would be interested in any feedback on the Honda Gel seat.

Anyway to lower the pegs a little? I will not be racing any time soon so another half an inch or more would be fine.

Anyway to extend the mirrors a little? My elbows look good but...

ZG Double Bubble or Puig..or? I normally go for the DB but in this case I am not sure which one will get a bigger pocket. Its weird when I have to say the the fairing on my R6 was bigger than a CBR.

I don't want to start anything about Power Commander Vs xxxxxx brand, but I am curious. I have not had a fueling issue in the 100 miles that I have put on so far but historically the stock tune can be 'improved' with an EMS module, plus the added flexibility if I add a slip on at a later date...

I am also pretty curious about the Bazzaz Z-Bomb and why the seems to be necessary.



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Hi mate; From my own experience i can tell you this:
- The seat: Honda E-Cushion Energy seat is your Best choice for this bike.. a bit pricey but worth it.
- For the pegs (i assume here that you are referring to the rearsets): You will need fully adjustable rearsets; Vortex is a common choice; but i prefer Sato or Driven
-Screen: you can't beat Puig for quality
- Fuel and air management: there are split opinions about the route you would go; i my self went the PCV/Autotune route.. for US bikes you will need An ignition retarder module which will unleash 6-8 Horses ... anyway whether you choose the Dynojet or Bazzaz route; both will do the trick.
- Mirrors: you're out of luck there; almost all modern superbikes have useless mirrors:(

Hope i was of help.
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