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Hello everyone, could someone point me to a definitive guide on replacing the fork springs? I am helping a friend of mine out, and while I am competent at working on bikes, I am unfamiliar with the CBR. He has found the appropriate springs for his weight from Race Tech, but we are still unsure about which oil weight to use (10wt or 15wt), and which spring compressor is correct for his bike. He is about 300# with gear on and some luggage.

Is this spring compressor appropriate? It says it won't work with "big piston forks". Universal Motorcycle Fork Spring Compressor and Damper Rod Holding Tool Kit MFSC | eBay

Also, is a 43mm fork seal driver appropriate?

As I understand it, as far as parts go, we will need OEM oil and dust seals, copper washers for the damper bolts, springs and fork oil. Is there anything I'm missing?

As far as tools go, we'll need fork spring compressors, and a seal driver. Anything else?

Thank you for humoring my very "noob" plea for help, but as I said, I'm unfamiliar with the CBR1000rr. I have ridden his bike, and my goodness what an amazing machine! Maybe someday I'll step off my T100 and onto a CBR.

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