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Ladies & Gentlemen, for your consideration, one 2009 CBR1000RR Repsol for sale.
17,200 miles & counting every day.

Book price is $7k in Stock form. This bike has ~$1000 in modifications. Make an offer of what you think it's worth.

Currently in Pompano Beach, FL, but if not sold locally by next week, will be traveling up the I-95 to NYC.

If you live in one of the states between here & there and are interested, please get in touch & be prepared to meet off the highway.
Also, have your hard offer in. It's a long, tiring drive, and interrupting it to entertain lowball jokers is not part of the plan.

I'm doing this from a mobile, so the format is a bit rough, but everything you need (including pictures) can be found in this craigslist ad. Please respond through there as it routes directly to my phone.


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Re: 2009 CBR1000RR Repsol, LI, NY, $6k

Just dropped in to post this bike in the classifieds, and found I already had it up.

Bike is still for sale, located in a garage on Long Island, NY (25 miles east of NYC) where its sat for the past year racking up ~100 miles in that time. Taken out mostly to spin the engine & ensure nothing got stagnant.

New brake pads all around to get it through inspection.

Asking price is $6k, best to get in touch through the craigslist ad:

In the interest of full disclosure, the bike has some scrapes on the right (examine pictures closely), the result of a lowside prior to my ownership. Consequently, the bike carries a rebuilt title which registers the same as a title from the dealership. If you're looking to put a Repsol 1 on the street this season, there's no better deal than this one.

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Alternately if a buyer unwilling to pay a fair price for the complete bike cannot be found, this bike may be broken and sold for parts. Motorcycle is currently registered, insured, inspected and on the road in NYS, meaning everything works. Bike has 17,300 miles.

Complete fairing set (right scratched from lowside, see pictures): 1500

Engine: 1600

Frame: 1200 (to include signed over NYS Rebuilt title - can be registered in any state same as a clean title)

Subframe: 200

Swingarm: 200

Complete front suspension (Forks, triple tree, brake calipers, controls, clipons, axle): 1200

Rear Shock (with linkage): 50

Rear wheel (with good Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tire): 250

Front wheel (with good Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tire): 300

Front rotors (with bolts): 50 each

Rear rotor (with bolts): 25

Radiator: (with fans): 150

Mirrors, left: 25, right (scratched): 15

Headlight (with HID & orange cats eye installed): 150

Instrument cluster: 250

Fairing stay: 50

Throttle body: 50

Wiring harness, main: 50, headlight: 25

Exhaust header: 75

Two brothers pipe, carbon fiber, scratched: 200

Power Commander: 125

Lithium Ion Battery: 50

Seats, both: 250 (please note, these have a special snakeskin material, exclusive to the Repsol).

Hotbodies rear fender eliminator (has some small holes drilled into it): 75
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