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2010 Biking Plans?

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Since the winter has truly set in, I've had far too much time to spend thinking about my biking plans for next year. What about everyone else?

So far my intentions are:

1. Get my IAM test out of the way
2. Get the VFR back on the road
3. Possibly do something with the front end of the VFR

As far as rides go, I intend to get as many rides in as possible. At the moment I'm considering:

1. Royal British Legion Iron Butt run - 1000 miles in 24 hours (June)
2. National Rally - 540 miles across various checkpoints (July)
3. Another (long) day trip to Wales (600 miles or so - whenever....)
4. Weekend away with some mates - usually we go to Scotland, although we talked about IOM for a change - let's see (Usually August time)
5. Holiday with the in-laws! OK most people would rather stick pins in their eyes, but for me this equates to riding to Spain, spending a week or so riding various routes from the hotel, then riding back. (My wife and mother-in-law will go by plane and spend the week on the beach!). This may or may not happen, we're going to look at it over Xmas.
6. Maybe a couple of .org rideouts? I'm sure we could do something locally.
7. Fireblade Day at the Ace Cafe (July I think)
8. Some IAM rideouts (they can be good! 3 per month are usually arranged).
9. Of course some ride outs with my mates.

Of course this is all dependant on many things, but all being well this is how my biking year is shaping up.
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:evilaugh: 1.Try to log in some more miles in this yr.
2.Dragons tail, went up to NC but had to leave early, so I plan on hitting hwy 129 this yr for sure.
3.Hit up my mechanic for the 16k service. Have the fork seals done and valves adj if needed.
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