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hello.. everyone!! greetings from india this is my first post over here....So i'm kindaa nervous. :D

Before i share my bike's problem.. here is some info on my Fireblade
my CBR has completed almost 30k on odo.. its a 2010 C-abs model

Today i got a brand new set of metzeler sportech m5 tyres for the blade and i decided to go with stock size i.e 120/70-17,190/50-17
after changing the tyres i went off for a short spin and while riding i noticed that the abs light on the dash started flashing.. which at first was very weird because this has happen for the very first time. so i stopped and turn off the ignition off and tried it another time.. but it seems no difference. The C-ABS light was still flashing.

at first i thought the sensor must have gotten damaged or may be the abs ring but after checking it seems to be fine and what i find it really weird was that the abs light starts flashing only when i Increase my speed to more then 30kmph And once it comes on it keeps on flashing no matter what my speed is.. .. also this is happening even when i dont touch the brakes.

Any help on Or suggestions on this ???
also in would like to know if some ovet here facing the same issue.
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