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Hey all,

I've been thinking about jumping into the racing scene for awhile now. I'm not interested in the 600cc class or any of the bigger classes. I've been researching the Lightweight twin and trying to get some info on 250's.

Is the 250 class unpopular to the extent that I'll never get a chance to race other 250's here in the US?

I served with the 173rd airborne in Italy and I got to see a ton of 250 and 600cc races while I was there and the 250's always seemed more spirited and more competitive.

Has anyone heard about the yamaha FZR400? After doing some research it appears it was allowed into the 250 bracket(?) in the early 90's.

I've got a seller lined up for a 1990 FZR400 track bike and I'm just wondering if I should buy it, or go with the SV as my first track bike.

Thanks in advance.
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