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Well I've now done over 4000 miles on my 2009 UK Repsol ABS Blade with the taylor made fitted. I thought I'd share some personal opinons with you all

a) The exhaust is good quality and remains in a excellent condition with no visable signs of wear :)
b) The carbon trim has darked a little around the exhaust trim exit
c) The right hand swing arm is a light tinted brown from the exhaust gases at the rear of the swing arm :hmm:
d) The exhaust remains loud [IE 120DB] and deep and without a doubt requires the rider [IMHO] to wear ear plugs at ALL times when riding!:rolleyes:
e) Personally, I can't put up with it anymore on my daily 100 mile round trip to work so it's coming off over the winter to be replaced by a Yoshi R77
f) I'll be putting it on ebay after christmas when I get the R77 fitted
g) It is without doubt the nicest looking exhaust for the 2009 Fireblade. :thumb:

Note (b) and (c) can be resolved with some good polish and do not appear to be permanent

Hope this finds usefull to you all. :thumb:



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very useful feedback:thumb:
I've been considering TM on my RR8 since the warranty silencer change last March but had reservation about:
- the loudness: in the police state uk, I just don't want the hassle & worry of being stopped possibly fined because of it
- with the removal of the O2 sensor & the 2 valves inside the chamber, what effect would this have on the perfect running (for me anyway) of the engine at low revs without going to the extra expense of fitting PC

P.S. I am experimenting of a cure for the discolouration on the OEM silencer
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