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4000 miles with the TaylorMade slip on

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Well I've now done over 4000 miles on my 2009 UK Repsol ABS Blade with the taylor made fitted. I thought I'd share some personal opinons with you all

a) The exhaust is good quality and remains in a excellent condition with no visable signs of wear :)
b) The carbon trim has darked a little around the exhaust trim exit
c) The right hand swing arm is a light tinted brown from the exhaust gases at the rear of the swing arm :hmm:
d) The exhaust remains loud [IE 120DB] and deep and without a doubt requires the rider [IMHO] to wear ear plugs at ALL times when riding!:rolleyes:
e) Personally, I can't put up with it anymore on my daily 100 mile round trip to work so it's coming off over the winter to be replaced by a Yoshi R77
f) I'll be putting it on ebay after christmas when I get the R77 fitted
g) It is without doubt the nicest looking exhaust for the 2009 Fireblade. :thumb:

Note (b) and (c) can be resolved with some good polish and do not appear to be permanent

Hope this finds usefull to you all. :thumb:


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