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900->954 windscreen brace... on this episode of "will this fit?"

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I really should just make a thread all about the different parts people have retrofitted to their 954. I really would love to know all of the things that with minor modification or not will fit (and how) with the 954rr.

I was admiring the RC51 and it's windscreen brace fairing stay bars. Ive always really loved the look. Aside from that there is a fair amount of flex in the fairingstay of the 954 (maybe mine is not oem?) and it bugs me when I am on super pitted rough roads seeing the upper portion of the front fairing/screen bounce around floppy a bit. I wonder also if it is contributing to vibration in the bars.

I saw (I swear... when and if I find it again I will post it...having a hard time now) an old thread from like 06 or something on a stunt forum about someone who fitted a 900 windscreen brace/fairingstay to his 954. Said it fit, "just need to drill two holes". But that it worked great.

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So here are the two styles I am seeing of different year ranges on the cbr 900. I wish I knew what year range he meant. I wish I knew which holes. But I don't. So.

Door #1 Style#1 fits... the holes for the gas tank fit, and we're drilling two holes on each side of the 954 fairingstay and sticking the 900 mirror screw spots through it on each side. But that's 4 holes, in'it. Idk I can still see this more or less.

Or Door #2 with Style #2... we're drilling holes on the bottom there... somewhere...? and doing... whatever we do with up top with the mirror area.

Id love for it to be Door #1. Though it will get in the way of my dampener surely.

Ultimately I love the aesthetic (#2 shape less so) and I am interested in making the front end bodywork feeling more sturdy around rough roads.

It is what it is. Anyone know anything about this? Have experience? Have the two bikes and can do measurements? Whatever it be. Would love confirmation and the what-n-how.
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Did you ever get one of these to fit without too much modification?
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