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ok so i cleaned my carbs and got the bike started after sitting for 8 months its got like a knocking on clutch side

rough at idle but smooths out pretty good above 3k rpm

I NOTICED: it stops when i pull the clutch in

ALSO: i noticed that i put it in first with the clutch in it jumps like the clutch isnt in an it dies.

BUT: i can Put it in second and take off but first jumps and back tire spins


basket( I think)

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hi the cct tends to sound like a rattle as the chain slaps around!!

whip the cct out and see if it moves freely or you can insert a small flat screw driver in the slot (remove the 10mm bolt) and wind it clockwise and see if its free.
a new cct is quite cheep to replace if its faulty:thumb:

did you balance the carbs as it will run awful if there a long way out.

as for the temp gague sensor its just below the carbs on top of the thermostat housing so check and see if you have pulled the lead of its post.

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strikes me that the first gear is knackered as it works fine in second.(maybe why you got it as a none runner?)

plus as it works fine in second the clutch is working as it should or it would do it in all gears.

the rattle from the clutch is quite normal on most bikes and as long as it goes when its operated id say its fine.

hope im wrong bud but it sounds like a gearbox issue (its a blade weak spot im afraid and effects quite a few high miler bikes usually 2nd gear dogs wear and they jump out of gear)

in vid one is it in gear as the centre drum should rotate freely?

check the judder plate is fitted first then the thinner friction plate (it is the same size but the inner dia is larger so it goes over the judder spring)
then metal plate friction plate etc

im still of the opinion the box is at fault as your clutch looks ok.

40k miles is when the boxes often go wrong.

if you can get the rear wheel of the ground and remove the plugs and then see if you can rotate the engine with it in gear and then get somone to opperate the clutch and see what happens.
this should highlight any box issues is if it disengages in 2nd 3rd 4thetc and jams in first its the box.

as its jamming in first i think the first gear dogs or selector forks are damaged and this is the problem.(hope im wrong but the clutch would be a problem in all the gears im afraid)
this is classic wheelie and novice rider abuse.

try the above first as its hard on a forum to diagnose a fault like this
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It looked to me like it was rotating freely.
He was just showing us the noise from the transmission lash.
yes i agree :thumb: it just looks like a gear box prob to me.

thought the lash was ok for a 40k motor.

just strickes me as a abused 1st gear
I was thinking transmission as well but he's since said it's the same in first and second so I think the clutch is simply not disengaging.

ahhh missed that so hopefully its just incorectly installed:thumb:
if you do some of the things suggested it wont cost you anything but you have to have a look first.

it may be nothing more than the plates put in wrong in which case change them round.

but check before you spend $500
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