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Just picked up the bike today, anyway one thing I noticed is that my speedo is way way off. There is no way in hell I was keeping up with traffic (55mph zone) at 120mph. Anything obvious to check for a reason as to why its off like that.

So i sold my bike today, got picture of me on my new bike, my brother on his new bike and the bikes together.I had to lecture him on his riding though, hes used to his kz440 which has the kickstands that pop up if you look at it wrong. Anyway he revved the sh!t out of it because he couldnt figure out why it wouldnt move, kickstand kept shutting it down, plus his 440's clutch was going and he got used to riding the clutch for a while. Anyway the goods...

The 2 together

My ninja with its new owner

and me on my new big boy bike

Oh yeh here is my happy happy joy joy while I get on the bike pose

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