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900rr Wiring Harness

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may as well work on the 900 now, so i know all it needs is a new wiring harness and its good to go...

are all 900rr harnesses interchangable?
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no they are most def not all interchangable what year did you buy and what year do u own
i have a 93, haven't purchased one yet
only the 93 will work with the 93?
92-94 96-97 98-99 95 is a half breed of 94 and 96 it shares speedo with 96 n 97 but does not have tps on carb
alright thanks, now to check for a 92-94 WH
anyone know where to pick up a harness?? still haven't been able to find one

can i buy a newer model harness and run it?
the 96/97 model doesn't seem to drastically different, maybe ill try that
alright...i find this insane i cant find a harness...

i know someone knows what can be done to run a 95+ harness with my bike...
1 - 9 of 13 Posts
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