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When I am cruising at about 4k-5,500rpm I get what sounds like a exhaust leak (or small backfire) as well as a slight loss of power. When I give it more throttle it seems to clear up but comes right back when I get back down around those RPM's.

A little about the bike. Its a 1999 900RR. When I got it the California emissions equipment had been removed and the "caps" that they used to seal the head are really poorly done. The bike has an aftermarket air filter, slip on Yosh, bored out to 934cc, 520 chain and 15,45 (-1,+2) sprockets.

I just did the oil change, new plugs, cleaned the air filter. Also took the valve cover off and checked the clearance and they where all within tolerances.

I am taking the bike back apart tomorrow and am going to check the exhaust seals and all the plugs/wires. Does anyone have any other things I can check before I put it all back together? Thanks for reading and any other help I can get!!
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