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Hi guys,
I am New to the forum based in Woodford Qld and I recently purchased a 919 track bike, seems to have had a lot of work done, everything removed that is not required, Ohlins front and rear, slicks with plenty left on them, various sprockets set ups for different tracks, race stands tyre warmers, 3 sets of plastics, spare set of wheels, titanium exhaust (akrapovik) front to rear so plenty of positives.

Negatives front calipers were off the bike so I stripped them completely and rebuilt them so all working good but cannot find the retaining screws (need 4 if anyone has any) and I notice there's no choke cable or linkage for cold starts. Not sure why this was removed? Maybe it's a later engine but I was informed it is a 1998. It's a bit rough looking as its been stood but that's not a concern at this point. Bike didn't run when purchased but I got it running now. I need the front brakes working so I can give it a run up through the box and try it out.

I have never owned a Blade but owned a few R1's and now have an FZ1 road bike (R1 donkey) I am very familiar with the R1 engines, down to Cam swaps, tuning, etc

Happy to receive any tips, advice, contacts that can assist me with this new project.
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