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92 Honda CBR600 F2-- front brake system

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I am new to this site and would like to say thanks in advance for any responses or advice given to my question.

I took the brake line loose from the front master cylinder and lost the pressure. I am at a loss on how to reprime it and bleed the brakes. Any ideas?

Also any place where you can get parts for this bike but not at a high cost?:huh:
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I take it you had a loose brake line, i take you have tightened it now. Bleeding brakes is simple, best way is to get a one way bleed pipe, if not put some break fluid in a jar, open master cylinder and top up, put spanner over bleed nipple on furthest caliper first then place tube over nipple , pump brake and open bleed nipple pump till you get a steady flow, then do the same to the rest one by one ...keep an eye on fluid level dont let it get to low. If its still a bit spungy then go back to to the first one and this time pull lever and undo nipple at same time, hold lever in and tighten nipplethen release lever this a few times and all will be good...Rick
Thanks for the advise. I'll surely let you how it turns out.
Try looking for a vacuum bleeder kit. That's how they do it at the brake shops. If all else fails take it to a place like Brakes Plus and have them put it on their vacuum bleeder. It would take them 10 minutes and probably cost you $20.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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