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Hey guys got my unrestricted license thursday and finally got my blade out the shed. I took it to a shop to get some s21's fitted.

Bad news is 1: I'm assuming an 8 foot 6 line backer once owned this bike with how over sprung it is. I'm 100kgs (220lbs) and cats eyes feel like pot holes. The wear marks on tubes show its getting around 6cm max out of 12cm stroke.

2: front calipers are seized and using one pad.

Ive found info using 17" nothing 16" if its covered feel free to link me to an old thread.

I got the 929/954 usd forks, triple tree, master, lever , lines and gold 4 pot? Nissins here with correct colour front fender.

I have a lot of project cars and now I've sold my other motorcycle this will be my primary transportation and dont want it in pieces like everything else i own.

I can pay for machining would just rather know what to tell machinist to make.

Can i use this set up with the smaller discs and caliper dog bones to suit smaller rotor?

Is there a 330mm disc for old 16" wheels?

Hub to rotor converters to run the 929 rotor?

Bolt gold calipers onto standard forks n live with heavy springs for time being?

I dont have any discs to do trial fitting and measuring to answer these questions myself.
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