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Hi all, i have a 929 which has started to play up,

It started yesterday when the bike had been runing for about 10 min's it cut out and died on me, so i tried to restart it, it cranked over normally but poped an backfired with the throttle closed but would not start,
so i left it over night, and it started normally next morning, but when it got to 55c it cut out again! so i gave it about 2/3 thottle and it started! and ran ok if i keeped the revs above 4000rpm, but would die if went any lower.

So i got the manual out, and jumped the service connecter,

and got 5 mil faults :confused:
1, 2, 8, 9 19,

But i did not no if they are old faults from befor i got the bike, so i cleared the ecu/mil, and started the bike back up.

She warmed up fine! so i went out for a 30mi ride, and she ran fine!!?
checked the mil, and no faults?? whats going on...

I have checked the fuel pressure regulator (no leaks) air and fuel filters are new, but i dont no about the plugs yet,

So what do i do now? :crying:
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