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Hi all,

After having always been afraid I have decided to try and learn about forks by pulling mine apart to service/ rebuild them. I'm so glad that i have done this as I now see how quite easy it is to install new seals in the future.

Using the manual and following backdocs useful post I have found it all pretty straightforward and not too difficult.

However has anyone ever disassembled the cartridge inside and if so can you provide some info on what to do. I have provided some pics of mine for you to take a look at.

I have actually undone the nut on the plunger/ shim stack inside the plunger (these are now on the bolt in the picture to keep the order in which they came off) which resulted in the spiralling of the flanged over rod end (this is hidden inside the cartridge tube). This will now have to be filed and after installing the new racetech valve the nut will need to be locktited back on but again does anyone know how to open and get to the plunger inside?



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