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Evening all,

long time 929 owner but first post here which unfortunately is an issue:confused:

Bike has been in garage on optimate and just taken for a spin. Seemed fine for first few mins but then started throwing a rev blip at tickover every few secs and struggling to pull away and running very rough upto around 3.5k before then revving perfectly.

Sounds to me like its possibly running on fewer cyclinders than it should until then takjng off as usual. A bit of searching points to fuel pressure regulator/plugs/coils? Bike has 12k on and due a service as off to the TT in May. I'll get my local indy to look this week and do an oil change and MOT but any thougths would be apreciated. Any idea of costs if any of the above?

Doubt its relevant but bike has the failed power-valve and valve welded open by the indy and whilst the Fi light has always been on its run fine like this for the last 1500 miles.

Thanks in advance.


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