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929 rusty fuel tank?

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Hey guys.

My bike has been running a bit average just recently, so I decided to do the fuel filter(never been changed, 55,000km's).

When I pulled the pump out, I found the fuel was terrible!!! It was a dark brown colour, and probably half of the remaining fuel after i drained it was water!!! :huh:

After looking closer, I found that most of the tank was covered with surface rust. I decided to get in there with a rag & scouring pad which removed nearly all of it. It was disgusting!

Is this a common thing with 929's(or older bikes in general?):confused:

Rinsed the tank several times with fresh fuel before re-assembling it, and found that I forgot to get some crush washers for the fuel rail hose. DOH! I used the existing ones, and it doesn't appear to be leaking under pressure, but should I really replace them anyway? :idunno:

Had a bad day!
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i had a rusty tank on an OLD 76 honda cb 450f that i taught myself to ride on. it kept clogging the carbs it had gotten really bad. i went to my local bike shop and the guy who owns it said rusty tanks are common for older bikes. especially if the climate they have been in sucks. but he had some stuff that u put in the tank to fix it. it was two bottles . the first cleaned the tank the 2nd lined the tank with a rubber like material to prevent future rust. it cost me 30 dollars or so. but it fixed my issues. i cant remember what it was called. about the washers if they don't leak i wouldn't worry about them till the next time u mess with the tank.
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