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929 the build so far

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Here we go then the 929 build.

i will update as the parts come in.

Day 1 the bike...2001 with 5000 miles on the clocks,
1st owner was not that good at track days by the look of it.

ABM yoke fitted and ready for the rear mods...

Suzuki GSXR 750 08 seat unit ready for fitting..

all fitted...
the ECU now sits 3" further back so the loom needed extending.

As from today the bike is stripped down while the frame and new subframe are away being powder coated.
Best time for the VFR arm to be fitted..

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Welcome Guy, got some good looking bikes there
Ohhh... Very nice. How would you rate complication of grafting the tail? Keep the updates and pic's coming:thumb:
929 gsxr 08 600 tail. vfr arm. :D

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Looking good Jester ! :thumb: Keep the pics and updates coming!
Nice moto Adam:D (as always)
What rear wheel did you use?? as tyre looks huge in pic.Also was tail unit hard to mod? Nice bike by the way:cool:
Adam! first time seeing your 929. Looks sick bro! I'm likin that gsxr tail. Original subframe? You have to do heavy mods to it? I'm feelin that tail a lot!

im going anti fighter

removing bars, refairing, custom exhaust, etc etc
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ADAM, great looking streetfighter! What exhaust can did you end up using? Will you post more pics of your bike?
well the build is taking its time but its getting there..

All parts have been stripped off the bike and powder coated,

Ohlins suspention fitted, VFR800 are now fitted,

Jobs to do..

Top Yoke, Head light, Clocks, Wiring, Tyres, Hoses and Paint.

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Jester... I don't suppose your part of Jesters Trick Bits?

Builds coming along nicely :D
Jester... I don't suppose your part of Jesters Trick Bits?

Builds coming along nicely :D
:plus1:Going to look fantastic when she's all done me thinks!:thumb: Good bit of progress so far, you're getting there bud:D
Should be awesome, how hard is the single sided swingarm to fit? need much modding?
Hi Twincam yes its me from JTB

Up and running ( just ), first time on its own wheels for a year now...

Fitted 954 clocks and they look better then the 929 originals.

to do list.... fill with water, and brake fluid

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a few things to sort out now,
Front brake and rear break, new front wavy discs, rear servo, rearsets, new rear part of the exhaust to remove and re fit GP can, belly pan and then a paint job.

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as for all the Qs on the swing arm, they are not to bad to do and we are now modding them ready for sale.

VFR800 arm ready to fit complete with
new spindle and spacers
new chain guard
new brake line
dog bone and plates

all you will need is the wheel and 1hr to fit it all.

I am also working on a small GP exhaust system that bolts direct to you original hix valve and then shows more of the rear end, photos to follow when fitted.

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any more new pics jester:D
wow the gsxr tail looks NICE
ive seen custom cbr 1000 tails but never a gsxr tail

bike looks real good! :thumbsup:
Hi Twincam yes its me from JTB
Ahh, very small world :)

Met you down at the Ace Cafe and a Hornet's Nest meet (this is going back about four years) when you used to have the 600 Hornet I believe...
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