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I race a 929 and have gone as far as the class will allow on the engine power and suspension.
I've been looking at cost effective solutions to shed a bit of unsprung weight, and been considering cost effective used options (such as the Aprilia RSVR/Tuono forged wheels, tey can be had for ~£700 a set).
To be clear, its a budget racing class (relatively!) so I'm not spending £2500 on carbon/forged wheels!

I've been reading that the 2004-07 blade wheels are a straight swap, but are they a better/lighter wheel than the stock 929 ones? I'm aware that a wheel doesn't have to be lighter to be better, it may carry its weight closer to the hub, etc

Also, was there an SP version in those years that had uprated wheels that i might find cheaper?

Or is there a 'go to' option that most people do?
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