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929 Won't start

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Hey fellas. I read various other posts and couldn't find any similar situations.

I just got my tank back from the paint shop and re installed the fuel pump. The pump was wrapped up and put on my bench for about a month. Never was dropped or exposed to dirt or anything. I put the tank back on and now my bike wont start. I put about 3 gallons of fuel in it and the fuel pump comes on everytime the key is turned on. Before i pulled the tank off to have it painted (about a month ago) it started and ran fine. I checked to see if it has spark and it does. Since I had the air box off I sprayed some fuel down the throttle bodies and when I got the tank back on I turned it over. It tried to fire but never started. Some black smoke would come out each time it tried to fire. Any clues? Thanks guys
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Makes a lot of sense...they seem to be behind a lot of bike,s not starting or running properly.It could be duff or when putting the bike back together you might have made a bad connection. Check all connections again and try the pc111.
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