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929rr dash problem out of nowhere :/

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So today i switched out my front turn signals for amber ones went to test the bike she turns on and everything the dash lights up but the rpms dont work or any of the digital numbers onthe dash as in temp mph and time any ideas? Ill upload pics soon

Thank you all just wanted a second opinion before i start trouble shooting
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I had the same symptoms on my bike.
Either the R/R is bad or the strator is out in my specific instance because after 2-3 days of riding my battery will be drained. I'll know when my battery is too low to turn off and start the bike again because the speedo will go blank like this any time I pull in the clutch.

Does your bike start right up?
Have you tried putting the battery on a battery tender? Mine lets me know if the battery is below, on, or over 80% charged.
chart n procedure for testing the charging system and its components
First I go to buy a multimeter and when I get to the register the cashier pulls out a coupon from under the cash tray that gave the multimeter to me for free and now this??

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