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Hi all,

I'm having a very frustrating time trying to get the right clutch cable set-up on my 93-94 900rr. I have a new Motion Pro currently, and it seems to me it's too long and not the right design, it's binding and or catching on things its not supposed to and really starting to piss me off, i've tryed a few different routings and nothing is working.

Some of the aftermarket cables have a curved metal sleeve for the lever end, which I don't think is correct? I've looked at a number of used cables for sale on e-bay for reference and it seems to me the majority have a straight end going into the lever and a slightly different design going into the clutch housing lever, and I would imagine would be slightly shorter?

Could any of you out in fireblade land perhaps give me some insight, and perhaps post a pic or two of the cable routing through the triple/bar area.

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