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Im selling all the random engine parts i have off this bike. I have two spare motors plus this and that after my rebuilds and this is what i have left.
All the parts are coming from toledo ohio and my number 740-513-6074

2 oil pans-$25

2 starters-$30

Stator covers are gone, but i still have two working stators for sale-$60

Oil cooler plus all the hoses with it-$30

two ignition pulse covers-$25

Two valve covers-$15

Two intake cams, and exhaust cams, much rather sell these as a pair (Intake and exhaust)-$45 a set

Clutch cover-$20

water pump-$25

and a bunch of other random things. One motor is complete and the other is in pieces, just let me know what you need

The engine cases are also for sale, asking 125 for the set.
Manual CCT w/ gasket -$30
Rods and pistons -$50 for all 4
Seat -$10
Crankshaft-$45 (have 2 of them includes the flywheel and ignition rotor)
Transmission- $65 (has 10k miles)

Pm me if you have any questions or text
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