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good running no ticks knocks smoke nothing

lmk shipped to 66061
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Just curious what you're looking to pay for one. I'm debating on selling all my 900 stuff and putting Blackbird motor in mine. Motor in my 94 now is stock with Falicon rods and R&D undercut tranny. It has fresh rings, bearings last spring with less than 100 miles on it. Head has been shaved 15 thousandths. Currently it has Web cams and thick head gasket but I will put stock cams/head gasket back in it. I'd have to have at least 300 extra for the tranny but have a good stock one I can put in it. Let me know. If I can get enough for my 900 stuff I may go ahead with the 1100 motor.
what are you looking for it.
As it sits right now (with lower compression head gasket, Web cams and R&D transmission) 800 bucks. For 600 I'll put stock cams and transmission back in it. For 1000.00 I'll throw in carbs that are on it right now along with airbox with K&N filter, Vance&Hines SS2R header, and Vance&Hines PowerPak ignition module (complete bolt in, ready to go). Also have several high performance parts for sale. Buy the whole thing for 1K and buy those 945 pistons I have for sale and you would have one killer motor. All you'd like is having cylinders bored. Buy that Erion ported/polished head and it'd be out of this world (give 1K's all they want).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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