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954 maintanance and other questions

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ok trying to do some work on my 954 and got some simple questions.

i have small dent in tank and i want to take it off and fix it. manual says to disconnect overflow and air hoses. air hose was missing and i assume that no big deal + the overflow hose is very hard to take off so is it okay to remove attached to the tank? i still need to remove fuel and fuel return hoses however i don't have the correct wrenches to close the sealing nut.what size of a wrench do i need?

after i get the hoses out and drain the fuel out is it okay to leave it empty until i fix the dent and repaint? should i flush it with water? the dent can't be pushed out as it's a bit crease. what is good to fill the gap? how can i remove the honda stickers from underneath the factory paint, they sort of "stick out" from the surface of the tank. just sand the whole tank ?

also i want to remove the swingarm and replace with sssa. what's the best way to have the bike raised in the middle with the rear up? wood/bricks under the center? take off the exhaust?

also i noticed that the front wheel and rear makes "woosh woosh" noise when spun. it sounds like there's slight resistance when it turns. is this just normal brake pad against rotor sound? or should i be concerned about it, or nothing that re greasing axels and bearings wouldn't fix?

i will be also taking out forks to change seals in them and usually the caliper and pads on one side of the wheel gets really dirty so it could contribute a bit to the noise im hearing.

thanks in advance for ur suggestions.
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OK! so you can start off by taking the gas line hose going to the fuel pressure regulator on the left rear corner under the air box (nose pliers),
drain the gas into something non spilable, then unbolt the fuel line going to the injector rail on the right side (17mm wrench/socket), then disconnect the electric harness to the fuel pump, then unbolt the 4 bolts holding gas tank bracket to the subframe (10mm wrech/socket), lift the tank up and put it on the non scratching place upside down and use 10mm wrech/socket to losen the nuts on the fuel pump, take the fuel pump out becareful not to damage it, you can leave the overflow lines on.
NOW! for the filler make sure that the base of the tank is thoroughly cleaned and sanded to the point where something would stick to it, you can use body filler that you can get from the local auto store but that tends to get small air pockets in it when dries out so you defenatly wana go thin layer each time dry it sand it and shape it and work your way out..
note: once it dries and you start sanding it to get the shape if there is a air pocket it will turn into a tiny little hole which you can refill again with the filler, and now for the sticker you would probably wana sand the clear coat off till the point you can feel the sticker edges, use heat gun to heat it spray little amount of wd40 (helps heating up the process and taking the sticker off without ripping it into peices) and then off you go from there.
you can sand off the clear with either 320/400 grid, and the body filler you can use is (bondo) they come in the red cans and yes you can wet sand between the coats to get more perfection out of the job and once clear coated you have to wet sand it again and then buff it out (pain in the ars) to get that orange peel out.
start with fine sand paper(1000/1500 grid), i hope this helps.
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