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Hey everyone, I had a bad servo motor and opted to, rather than replace it, get a servo eliminator.

Anyway, I deleted the flapper, and the servo and plugged in the eliminator and have no EFI light (Yay!).

But now i'm confused on where to set the position for the servo on the exhaust. Should it be at the 12 o clock position, 9 o clock position, or the 6 o clock position?

I currently have it set to the 6 o clock and noticed that it seems to idle a little bit funny, and it even sometimes stalls on me... so i'm thinking about having it point to the 9 o clock position maybe.

please refrain from telling me to replace the servo, it's a $500 project bike and i'm trying to keep costs low, i'll buy one if there really is no other way, but I want to at least attempt to get it going without it.
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