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Hello all

Went for a wicked ride on Sunday, my 2003 954 runs nice, my mate has a 2006 1000RR on long open road ,I was in front up to 200km/h thereafter it looks as if I am hitting brakes, he comes past me with so much power.

I am considerably heavier than him +/- 25kg, I had no idea my bike had such less power than his, his bike was on the track at a stage and was setup as such.

I have taken my bike to 245km/h before would it be able to go more if needed, not that I run that speed.

what is a good a good sprocket setup for my blade, not top end(max) but something nice.

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A few more HP won't make the difference. With more drag than a 1000rr means you'll have to make much more HP than a 1000rr just to overcome that difference. Not real feasible. I wouldn't worry that much about what happens over 200 kph.
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